Volatile Organic Compound Testing VOCs

VOC Testing

Businesses such as painting contractors, auto paint shops, carpet installation or printing companies, are already aware of the term Volatile Organic Compound (or VOC for short). However, VOCs are common chemical contaminants released into the air in many other residential and commercial buildings. Chemicals typically leave odors and are about 10 times more concentrated indoors than outdoors and include toxic compounds such as formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, and xylene.

Poor indoor air quality isn’t simply a matter of a bad smell. The real concern is the harm caused by repeatedly inhaling toxic vapors. Most VOCs cannot be detected by smell. Without testing the indoor air quality of your building, there’s no way of knowing if the air is potentially harmful or not.

Employees who are particularly sensitive to chemical or toxic compounds may complain of headaches and irritation of the eyes, nose or throat. Such complaints are typical of “sick building syndrome, which is also known as “tight building syndrome” in reference to a building’s lack of fresh air flow.

Reducing VOC levels benefits employees and property owners alike, both creating a healthier workplace environment and reducing owner liability from environmental legal issues. Employees experience fewer sick days and morale is generally improved just by knowing they are working in a place that cares enough to provide a healthy work environment. Call AirMD regarding your commercial VOC Testing needs.

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