Building Science

Building Science

Indoor environmental issues often are caused due to failures with the building envelope. Understanding the key elements of a building structure and its operation is necessary. Preventing outdoor climatic conditions to influence the indoor environment requires comprehensive understanding of many disciplines.

Construction and mechanical system design as well as building envelope conditions must be understood to ensure sustainable building operation. Moisture intrusion, mechanical failures, occupancy loads, system design all can be a cause of indoor environmental issues.

AirMD’s experienced scientific and engineering consultants are well versed for challenges in building science. Our teams conduct cause and origin assessments to understand the issues present, inform our clients of the extent of the issues and provide recommendations to correct the issues.

AirMD’s multi-tier approach to building assessment helps understand current and future potential issues including building envelope failures where window and door leaks occur, stucco design and installation failures, drainage issues, building pressurization issues, odors, building air leakage and concrete slab moisture emissions

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