Testing Indoor Air for Humidity Levels

Testing Indoor Air for Humidity Levels

If you ask the environmental testing experts at AirMD to conduct Wellness Testing at your house, we will assess the indoor air quality by measuring everything from airborne particles to electromagnetic radiation. We will test for VOCs, too, and assess any odors that are present. Measuring the relative humidity inside your home is also a very important part of any Wellness Test.

Why Is Relative Humidity Important?

The start of summer is still a month away, but the humidity levels are already on the rise across South Florida. You don’t need the weather team at your favorite TV station to tell you it’s humid, all you have to do is walk out the door.

Relative humidity tells us how much moisture is in the air. It’s that moisture that makes it feel like you’re walking into a wall when you step outside.

The average humidity in Boca Raton in May is 64.8 percent, according to Champion traveler. That might not sound too bad, but that’s enough to have a significant impact – both inside and outside your home.

  • The impact of humidity outdoors: Let’s say it’s a sunny day in May and the temperature is 89 degrees Fahrenheit with the relative humidity at that average of 65 percent. That will produce a heat index – or a “feels like” – temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. (Don’t ask us about the math, trust us, you don’t want to know. If you want to determine the heat index in your area, it’s much easier to use the heat index calculator provided by the National Weather Service. That’s what we do.)
  • The impact of humidity indoors: Ideally, the relative humidity inside your home should fall in the 30 to 60 percent range. Below 30 percent, the air can feel uncomfortably dry. On the other hand, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends maintaining the humidity below 60 percent to prevent mold.

If you have been considering having a mold inspection done, you will be happy to know that AirMD’s Wellness Testing always includes an assessment of the amount of moisture – or the relative humidity – in the air inside your home.

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