New Year, New Indoor Air Quality Test

As environmental testing experts, we are often asked how often indoor air quality tests should be done. Our answer is usually at least once a year. So, why not start your year off right with an indoor air test that will provide you and your family or your employees peace of mind.

Why should you have an indoor air quality test every year?

If you are in Miami, West Palm Beach or anywhere in South Florida for that matter, you have probably opened the windows recently to take advantage of the cooler weather and get some fresh air in your home or apartment. All that fresh air flowing in your windows will change the air quality inside your home – depending on a number of criteria that are unique to your circumstances and your location that may be for the better, or it may be for the worse.

And the same can be said about the doors to your home and workplace. Every time you open your front door – whether you are coming home from work or heading out to walk the dog – the quality of your indoor air is affected. And when your customers or employees enter your facility, the same thing happens.

According to the EPA, indoor air quality tends to be more polluted than the air out of doors, but if you have allergies, opening the windows can let a host of common allergens into your home. Every time someone opens an external door, the level of contaminants in the air changes.

Have you changed the kind of cleaning products you are using at home? Have you had an interior room painted? Did you install new carpeting or bring home some new furniture? All of these things have the potential to affect the indoor air quality of your home. VOC testing can help to determine what, if any, those effects might be.

If your roof leaked or you had to call a plumber because of a leaky pipe you discovered, you may have an increased amount of moisture, which can easily contribute to the growth of mold.

If you want to start the year on a healthy note, by scheduling volatile organic testing, an asbestos inspection or environmental air testing, contact us.

By AirMD | Posted in Air Quality Testing