Why water testing is essential for homeowners

Why water testing is essential for homeowners

Testing and monitoring the quality of the water in your home is necessary if you want to remain healthy. Not only is it necessary for you, but it also just as important for anyone else who may live or work with you. By conducting routine water testing, you’re ensuring that your water quality is always in excellent condition and that it contains no harmful bacteria or chemicals.

Most individuals who have municipal water or even well water believe that their water is safe. However, most water is not tested once it is distributed into your home or office. AirMD’s water testing determines if there are any levels of bacteria within the water supplied to your home or office by both municipal water systems or well water systems.

We check both your drinking water and bathing water by taking a sample of the water to ensure that it is free from any bacteria. Bacteria of concern found in water include but are not limited to coliforms, fecal coliforms, and e. coli.

If you are exposed to these bacteria in your water, you may experience extreme gastro issues, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and even spells of lightheadedness. This is why it is essential to have your water tested to ensure you are not being exposed and that you are not at risk for any bacteria exposure.

At AirMD, we take water testing seriously because we know how crucial a safe water supply is in both residential and commercial properties. Call us today to schedule your appointment for water testing or to speak to a consultant about any questions you may have on water testing. You can also visit our website to see all the different services we provide our clients. We also offer:

• Allergen testing
• Heavy metal testing
• Lead testing
• Mold testing
• Pesticide testing
• VOC testing
• Asbestos testing
• Wellness testing
• Lead paint testing
• Lead testing
• Water quality

By Simon Hahessy | Posted in Water Quality Testing