Three reasons you need allergy testing

Three reasons you need allergy testing

Allergen exposures are always common outdoors, but many individuals are surprised to learn that they are also still susceptible to allergen exposure within their own home or office environments. Sources of allergens indoors include dust mites, cockroach and animal dander. Here at AirMD, we know how important allergy testing is, and that is why we have put together three reasons you may need allergy testing within your home or office:

1. It will help to locate and pinpoint where all allergens within your home or office are. This is a task that would be almost impossible without the aid of our allergy testing.

2. It helps to figure out how to reduce those specific present allergens which will help you avoid any repeat problems within the near future.

3. Our allergy testing will help ensure there are no repeat problems by giving you a detailed account of all allergens present and how you can reduce them.

AirMD’s allergy testing will assess the level of allergens that may be causing you, your family, or coworkers’ allergic reactions. We can pinpoint the source of any allergic exposure. We will always provide you with an allergy report that includes recommendations as well as suggestions to help you learn how to improve the quality of your indoor environment to help you avoid any future exposure or issues.

We help to identify the following allergens within your home or office:

• Cockroach allergens
• Pollen
• Dust particles
• Dust mites
• Pet dander

Call an AirMD consultant today to speak to them about our allergy testing and to schedule your appointment. Call 1-888-462-4763 or 1-888-Go-AIRMD. You can also look around our webpage to see what other services we offer.

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By Simon Hahessy | Posted in Advanced Wellness Testing