The Dangers of Pesticides

The Dangers of Pesticides

While pesticide use is beneficial when it comes to keeping trees, flowers and other plants healthy, it can be dangerous in some circumstances, especially if the proper precautions are not taken during and following its use.

Similar to Lumber Liquidators Formaldehyde Issue

Lumber Liquidators has found itself in hot water over the past year because some of the flooring products it sold, that originated in China, contained formaldehyde levels well in excess of what is considered safe. Problems like this are more serious for small children and pets. Their breathing zones are closer to the floor, meaning their intake of the contaminant will be much higher. Pesticides can cause problems for similar reasons. When used indoors, pesticides that are sprayed into the air will settle onto the floor. Because some pesticide ingredients are considered dangerous at levels as small as 0.1 parts per million (PPM), it is easy to see how those who spend much of their lives near the floor can suffer.

Testing for Pesticide

If you live in a home or operate a business in a place where you suspect or know that pesticides have been used, you should consider having some air sampling done for peace of mind. Exposure to airborne pesticides can cause immediate irritation of the eyes and respiratory system. It can also cause long-term harm to the liver and kidneys as well as the digestive and neurological systems. If the exposure is long enough or the concentration is high enough, these health issues can be irreversible or even fatal.

Cases of Pesticide Poisoning

Terminix is facing a $10 million fine for improper pesticide use that resulted the poisoning of a family that was vacationing in the Virgin Islands in March 2015. The company was allegedly using methyl bromide, which has been banned in the United States since 1984. Following the exposure, two teenage brothers were hospitalized in critical condition. Both suffered neurological damage that is most likely permanent. Both parents needed treatment as well.

In August 2015, a 10-year old Palm City, Florida boy suffered a traumatic brain injury following the administration of pesticide fumigation. Other members of the family became sick and recovered, but the boy is facing several month of rehab. Problems like this, or even ones with less severe outcomes, that are related to the dangers of pesticides can be avoided. AirMD is an environmental testing and consulting firm that offers Pesticide Testing and Air Quality Testing. Visit to see how they can help.


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