Surprising things you may not know about heavy metals

Surprising things you may not know about heavy metals

There are so many contaminants in our environment that can negatively impact our health. One group that individuals may not realize is adversely affecting their health is the exposure to heavy metals. This is why at AirMD, we believe heavy metal testing is such an important thing for so many family households. We have gathered together some surprising facts you may not know about heavy metals and hope it will encourage you to seek heavy metal testing within your own property.

Surprising facts you may not know about heavy metals:

1. They can be present in your water system, soil or in the air. Heavy metal testing is often recommended to homeowners due to how easily heavy metals can find their way into your indoor environment.

2. Arsenic, lead, mercury, and cadmium are examples of toxic heavy metals that can be found in your environment and can impact your health.

3. If left untreated, heavy metal exposure can lead to digestive problems, allergies, skin issues, headaches, depression, fatigue, and even loss of memory.

These are just a few surprising facts about heavy metals. The reason behind heavy metal testing is to ensure your family’s safety. Extended exposure to heavy metals can lead to a wide array of health complications that can easily be avoided with the proper heavy metal testing within your home.

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By Simon Hahessy | Posted in Advanced Wellness Testing