AirMD Reviews

When a mysterious white film appeared in my house, I had no idea who to contact to help me. After a few random searches on the internet, I found AirMD and placed my call. I didn't really know where to begin to explain my situation but Jesse stepped right up to the plate, asking great questions so that we could initially weed out a few possibilities, the really scary ones which helped me feel better. They viewed photos of the film on objects in my house and then tested samples that I sent to them which helped to better determine what the film was comprised and ultimately helping me better determine where to look. In the end it was dryer lint from a disconnected vent in my wall. Easily fixed and I could spend my time on other things besides cleaning all the time!

Kim D.

Extremely thorough. The technician was able to get me my report quicker than I had ever expected and was very willing to help out with all my questions.

Enid S

I am so glad we chose air md to inspect our problem. These guys are professionals in every sense of the word. If you have any question about a potential mold problem, call them and your questions will be answered.

Louis B

As a Realtor, I need a mold inspector who knows his stuff. I don't want my clients walking into a disaster situation, so when a home that I had under contract had some suspicious mold, I called AirMD. I recommend these guys to all of my colleagues! Super knowledgeable, friendly and customer-service-oriented. Thanks so much!

Karen M

Timely and professional.  Patient with my numerous questions!

Joe P

Did everything in a very professional manner.  Would use again for sure

Betty G

This place does great professional work. I would recommend them to anyone!Everyone at the office are really helpful and they do all their work by the book. I had to use their services after a less professional mold inspection company did shabby work and took our money!

George B

I have nothing but good things to say about this company. Marcella called me within 30 minutes of my requesting a quote for mold inspection on a home I rent out. She took care to get the inspection done as soon as possible even with some delays from the tenant. When I needed them to go back and make sure one of the rooms was tested, they had it done without delay. The report was extensive and detailed, letting me know what should be done.  Air md made a process that was pretty rough much easier for me.

Roseanne B

Very kind and reasonable. They are willing to work with you, and do a good job setting your expectations. It is always nice to work with someone you feel is being completely upfront and honest with you.

Robert W

All I can say is peace of mind. We moved into a house that was not taken care of, while having many repairs done possible mold was found in the upstairs bathroom. This was the bathroom my children shared so I panicked. I called and they came out the same day!  Highly recommend this company.

Maggie S