Is Your Family’s Tap Water Contaminated?

Water Quality Testing

How can you know if you are drinking contaminated water?

Water supplied by your city is considered safe to drink, however, the water is only tested when it leaves the supplier but not when it enters your home where it is most important.

The Flint, Michigan population hadn’t a clue that their city had recently attempted to save money by unhooking the city from Lake Huron, the fresh water drinking source, and replace it with water from the Flint River.

LeeAnne Walters, a resident, was quoted as saying that her tap water tested at 27 times the limit for lead. That was after she realized that one of her sons was ill, her 18-year-old daughter’s hair was falling out and when the children bathed they broke out in red bumps.

The World Health Organization reports that lead’s neurological and behavioral effects “are believed to be irreversible.”

Lead testing for children in Flint revealed brain-damaging levels, and adults suffered a ten-fold upsurge in Legionnaires’ Disease. Eighty-seven people in Flint have contracted Legionnaires’ Disease, and ten have died. At least six more toxins have been found in routine blood workups, concerning doctors about upcoming ailments as well. Home values have plummeted to zero, as Flint Michigan has become synonymous with poison. Flint’s future has been effectively flushed away.

Water testing examines the level of bacteria in water entering homes after delivery by a municipal water system. Testing the water that you drink will determine whether it conforms to the criteria set by the Environmental Protection Agency and other safety organizations. AirMD, an industry leader, provides all environmental testing services, including water quality testing.

AirMD professionals are specialists in Water Quality Testing, and AirMD provides the education, testing, consulting services and technology to meet its objective of creating healthier indoor environments.

An AirMD consultant will visit your home and take samples from your drinking water and bathing water to determine safe levels of bacteria in the water, after testing should corrective services be required, AirMD will help resolve any issues.

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By Simon Hahessy | Posted in Water Quality Testing