Chemicals in our Homes

It is amazing to me that our daily lives are so involved with chemicals that put our health at risk. Consider this; the average person is exposed to approximately 250 different chemicals everyday. Every child born in the United States is exposed to chemicals from the mother in-utero. There are over 6.8 million accidental poisonings annually; it is time everyone removed as many chemicals from their daily lives to live healthier and safer.

Chemical exposures come in a variety of forms but many exposures can come from our homes.

The average American spends approximately 70% of their time at home. In the average home there are household cleaning products, furniture, rugs/carpeting, paint and synthetically fragranced products. All of these items offer the opportunity to expose the occupant to chemicals.

Now you may ask how this is possible that the items in our homes can harm us but it occurs quite easily when the chemical compounds present in the home turn to vapor or gas at room temperature.

Here are some of the ways we are exposed daily to chemicals:

  • When using certain cleaning products, absorption of chemicals through the skin can occur. Additionally, the fragrance present in the product is a synthetic chemical fragrance and when the product bottle is stored, opened or applied, an exposure occurs.
  • Certain pressed wood used in furniture, the treatments that are applied and the glue/resins used, convert to an odorless gas resulting in the occupant breathing the chemicals into their lungs.
  • The paint used in our homes often contains chemicals. The new paint smell is in fact chemical compounds that you are breathing into your respiratory system.
  • Fragranced products including air plug-ins, room fresheners and fragranced candles, all provide the home with a clean fresh smell yet the fragrances are chemical based providing an exposure to the body.

Everyone should try to eliminate the sources of chemicals in their lives where possible, here are some tips:

  • Use natural based cleaning products (they should not contain danger, warning or caution on the label).
  • Use furniture that is manufactured by companies that use low or no VOC emitting wood and materials.
  • Use low or no VOC paints
  • Try to stay away from plug-in air fresheners, synthetically fragranced candles.

By making small changes in our daily behaviors, everyone can make a difference to improve personal health, the environment and reduce the demand for unnecessary chemicals.

AirMD is proud to announce the upcoming launch of the Pure line of household cleaning products. The product formula is a result of a scientific achievement using colloidal micelle technology that derives its cleaning power from the activity of the molecules in the formula and not synthetic chemicals.

The products contain no synthetic chemicals and are completely natural, conscious of human health and the environment.

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By Simon Hahessy | Posted in Home Cleaning Products