Celebrate Earth Day with AirMD

Celebrate Earth Day with AirMD

You probably know by now that water quality testing pros, the mold inspectors and everyone else at our environmental testing company are fans of science. We are also big fans of Earth Day, which is April 22, and its important message. So, when we heard those two things were coming together, well that definitely gave us something to smile about!

This year we will mark the 51st annual Earth Day. Since 1970, when the very first Earth Day celebration was held, we have grown in our understanding of the need to protect and nurture this amazing planet we call home. Earth Day is an opportunity to celebrate what has been accomplished and to remember how much work still lies ahead.

And talking about the work ahead… the folks at EarthDay.org have put out a call to citizen scientists to help collect data as part of the Global Earth Challenge™.

Science to the Rescue!

The Global Earth Challenge is the world’s largest ever coordinated citizen science campaign. (How cool is that?!) By using mobile technology and open citizen science data, the project is designed to empower people all over the world to become involved in the campaign to fight climate change.

Citizen scientists will help monitor threats to environmental and human health in their community. There’s a mobile app you can use to report on things like air quality, water quality, insect populations and plastic pollution, among other things.

Your observations will then be combined with the millions of observations coming in from other citizen scientists around the world to provide valuable environmental insights that can be used to help plot a way forward.

The effort is being coordinated in partnership with the Wilson Center and the U.S. Department of State as a way to create and connect interested communities around the world.

Together, we can leverage the power of scientific research to drive meaningful change.

If you want to get involved with the Global Earth Challenge, but have questions about the science involved in environmental air testing, water quality testing and other aspects of environmental testing in general, please feel free to contact the science-loving folks at AirMD.

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