Case Study #2 – Hotel Mold

AirMD is the leading industry provider of environmental testing and consulting services, providing a full range of services and great customer support. Two of such services are highlighted here. Building science allows for a thorough inspection of a building’s ventilation and sustainable operations needed to full understand indoor environmental problems. AirMD also provides commercial asbestos survey & assessment, which helps building and business owners evaluate risk. Indeed, AirMD dedicates itself to providing services to help during environmental disasters and to, most importantly, provide comfort and safety.
AirMD is ready for any challenge, and this is evident by the huge project overtaken in South-East Florida. Known for its humidity and heat, Florida is perhaps one of the most visited states by tourist and also a perfect spot for the development of mold. AirMD was called upon to assess retained moisture at an 80,000 sq. ft. hotel. The monumental task was a breeze for the building science department of AirMD, which provides clients with qualified and trustworthy engineers. These experts dive deep into the construction and makeup of the building in order to fully understand any past, current, and future problems with the building’s infrastructure.

The engineers quickly identified the problem as building envelope issues. These issues retained moisture in several rooms, so AirMD documented each individual room and the cause of the increased moisture. The primary factors cited in the report were building envelop issues as well as improper temperature control. In other words, the construction of the building lacked proper air-flow, allowing for the buildup of moisture and eventually mold. The building science department then presented the client with a detailed and cohesive report of the problems faced in the large property.

Prior to beginning work on the remediation, however, AirMD conducted a commercial asbestos survey & assessment of all the disturbed sections of the hotel. Asbestos currently finds its way into many construction materials, which is what makes the asbestos survey so necessary for the remediation process. AirMD was able to ensure the safety and cleanup of this project in a quick and professional manner.

The entire project took four weeks, and AirMD provided the logistics and oversight expected from true professionals. AirMD was careful to document any and every change made as well as meticulously sticking to the timeline. Because AirMD understands the incredible value of fleeting time, AirMD provides not only a thorough but also expedient service. AirMD proudly stuck to its timeline and continued oversight of remediation until completion. Once the project was completed, AirMD provided another asbestos survey & assessment to get final clearance. The building was safe to occupy and fully functional by the timeline specified by AirMD.

The hotel began to run with a new vigor, clearly drawing a fresh breath of life. AirMD strives to not only provide clients with a clean and safe environment but also with reliability and passion.


By Simon Hahessy | Posted in Case Studies