Case Study #1 – Living Facility in Northwest Florida

AirMD’s mission is to provide the highest level of environmental consulting and testing services together with a superior customer service experience. Our passion for creating healthy indoor environments through education, consulting and testing services means that we often meet people when their lives have been upended by disaster.
One such case occurred after heavy rains and storms battered northwest Florida. There was extreme flooding that affected homes and businesses throughout the region. One building impacted by the storms was a 120,000 square foot assisted living facility. The elderly are some of the most susceptible people to harmful environments, so it was vital that the facility was completely safe for all of the residents and caretakers.

AirMD was asked to ensure that the assisted living facility was free from any harmful contaminants. The rampant flooding caused by the storm brought water into the building. The problem was further complicated by a release of retention pond water that infiltrated the facility. AirMD’s first step was to conduct a thorough assessment of the facility.

AirMD personnel have expertise in the fields of microbiology, industrial hygiene, bacteriology, mycology, aerobiology, microscopy, environmental science and toxicology. These skills made them uniquely qualified for the task. They documented all of the spaces affected by the flooding and produced a report of what they found. Included in the report was a remediation protocol with a detailed explanation of the extent of the contaminant and health issues, as well as how to best contain them. This report helps property managers control costs, limit unnecessary work, and limit liability.

The residents and their families were understandably concerned about the state of the assisted living facility. The corporate representatives coordinated a town hall style meeting. AirMD attended the meeting and presented their plan for action to help ease concerns. AirMD personnel shared the scope of the project with all those in attendance, including detailed timelines and risk assessments. The clear strategy was reassuring to those most directly impacted.

Once the plan was approved, AirMD conducted an exhaustive asbestos survey. An asbestos survey of this size and complexity must be properly conducted to ensure that all potentially hazardous materials are detected and removed. AirMD personnel are members of the Indoor Air Quality Association and are certified through the American Council for Accredited Certification. These industry-leading qualifications let our clients know that whether it is an asbestos, refurbishment, or demolition survey, AirMD will get it right.

With the building materials officially examined, it was time to begin the remediation work that would bring the facility back to its original condition. As always, AirMD managed the remediation project to assure every protocol was followed and that work was completed on time and in accordance with protocol criteria.

When the work was concluded, AirMD conducted post-remediation clearance testing to make certain the assisted living facility was safe to occupy once more. AirMD’s expertise, experience, integrity, teamwork and customer focus made a tragedy into a new beginning for the property owners and their residents.

By Simon Hahessy | Posted in Case Studies