Asthma – A Result of a Chemical Cleaner Crime

Simon Hahessy says:

Have you ever watched a crime movie where you figure out or discover the culprit of the crime before the people you are watching with do? You wait in anticipation, excited to see when they will get it. Sometimes though they never seem to get it or understand how you get it so early in the movie and that feeling of excitement can turn to frustration because for whatever reason, they do not get it.

Well that is the feeling I have had for quite a while as I watch so many people use gallons of cleaning products annually. I know they are harmful to their health, there is a lot of information out there about health issues and chemicals, but still they do not seem to get it.

Newly acquired information has come to light that re-emphasizes what the medical and scientific community has been trying to tell the general public for a long time and that is, chemicals used in the production of household cleaning products are bad for our health.

The accumulation of multiple studies from around the world have identified strong correlation between chemicals used in cleaning products and increased asthma rates for those living and using household chemical cleaners.

There is no argument that asthma is affecting more and more people at an accelerated rate. Children and adults alike are increasingly being diagnosed with asthma. The scientific review and results of these studies have identified one of the many causes of exposures to chemical cleaners is the increase in asthma, especially from chemicals in aerosolized form. Inhaling the vapors from these cleaners irritate the respiratory airways. Some of the many statistics from these studies identify that women employed in domestic cleaning, are 46 to 109 percent more likely to develop asthma than those that are not employed in domestic cleaning.

Another study of 3,500 European women cleaning their own homes showed that those using spray cleaners at least 4 days a week were more than twice more likely to have physician-diagnosed asthma than those who used the cleaners less often or not at all. This is why more and more children have asthma, their respiratory systems are developing and they are constantly being exposed to chemicals.

I could provide more information and many studies supporting my constant rhetoric that we do not need these chemicals in our lives. Asthma is just one of many health related issues with exposure to these chemicals others include cancer, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder) and immune disease.

So I am here to tell you I get it and I am waiting for you to get it because just like the crime movie, I am anxiously waiting for you to get it and I want to be excited knowing that you understand that we all can live free from chemicals that should have no part in our lives.

Another reason I am excited is that we (AirMD) have just finished the production of our line of chemical free household cleaning products that are nano-technology based and are like no other products on the market today. We are proud to do our part in the effort to live chemically free and our products are ready for sale on May 1st, 2009.

By Simon Hahessy | Posted in Home Cleaning Products