Asbestos Is A Concern When Purchasing A Property Built Prior To 1986

Asbestos is the name given to a group of minerals that are resistant to fire, heat, and chemicals. For these reasons alone, asbestos has been used widely in the construction of homes and other industries. Up until 1986, asbestos use had loose regulations, and as many as a third of the homes built in the United States have some form of asbestos in them. That being said, many of these homes have had the asbestos removed or covered up during recent renovations.

Buildings that are known to have used asbestos during their construction should be carefully inspected. If the building has sound walls, no cracking, or structural damage, then the building is considered safe by most inspectors. If there’s any way the asbestos particles could have been released into the air, then there’s cause for concern.

If you manage to find your dream home, and it’s known to have asbestos in it, don’t worry. You’ll just have to make sure that you keep it painted regularly and keep an eye out for any new signs of damage.

If the home does indeed need repair, calculate the cost of the repairs or renovations before deciding to purchase the home if you haven’t done so already. Also, be sure to check if any renovations will disturb the asbestos. You don’t want to start renovating your home only to find out that you, and every one else, is becoming ill from a newly formed crack leaking asbestos.

Knowing whether or not your home or property contains asbestos can be a tricky task. Most people have no idea when their building was constructed, and many buildings have been renovated to the point where they look relatively new. The best course of action in this case to to get an inspector who’s qualified in asbestos testing. Also, make sure that the inspector carries pollution liability insurance and general liability insurance.

Never try to remove the asbestos yourself. The consequences of trying to remove it on your own without any specialized knowledge or training could mean severe health problems for everybody involved.

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By Simon Hahessy | Posted in Asbestos Testing