Allergies harm sex lives, sleep and concentration

Indoor air quality and its affects on health are diverse and can play a role in our everyday lives. Allergies affect the majority of people in the United States and can make everyday situations more troublesome.

The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) has a national education program that encourages people to understand and become educated about allergies, their sources and their affects on health. AirMD is also fully involved in the process of providing useful information to the public that can improve their health.

The reason for this program is to advise people to actively identify sources of allergies in their lives so they can be removed or reduced. Completing home assessments for the identification of allergy sources and visiting allergists for treatment are encouraged, so allergies don’t interfere with their lives or lead to health consequences.

The public education program comes after an ACCAI assessment identified that 94 percent of people with allergies found their quality of life, specifically their sex lives, sleep and concentration is affected by their allergies. Reduced libido, interrupted sleep cycles and reduced concentration have all been linked to the affects allergies have on the study group.

With the average American spending 80 percent of their time indoors and with the average home having multiple sources of allergies, it is important to have your home evaluated for sources of allergies and other indoor pollutants. An evaluation allows for measures to be taken that can control, reduce or remove sources of allergies that otherwise impact health.

AirMD offers evaluationsthat allows for measures to be taken, which can control, reduce or remove sources of allergies that can otherwise impact health.

By Simon Hahessy | Posted in General