IEQ Awareness Training Module, Dallas TX

IEQ Awareness Training Module

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) If indoor air quality is not well managed, remediation of ensuing problems and/or resolution in court can be extremely costly. The potential financial exposure resulting from lawsuits filed over indoor environmental quality is staggering. Failing to follow customary practices to maintain acceptable indoor air quality creates a liability and higher potential for a lawsuit against building owners.

The Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) awareness module is a customized plan tailored to the specific environment. This documented plan can be used to create consistency when utilized by the person or company responsible for facility management. If that person or company changes, the plan may still be adhered to. It is useful in ensuring that processes continue uninterrupted and on schedule by using pre-planned checklists and maintenance logs.

The goal of the IEQ Awareness module is to provide occupants with all of the information needed for a safe, healthy and productive indoor environment. The implementation of an overall IEQManagement plan demonstrates the company’s good corporate governance and intention to operate properly.

This plan will also serve as a training document for facility managers or environmental personnel whether they are in– house or outsourced. In addition, by following the guidelines set forth in the plan, there will be historical records of how, when and why steps were taken and maintenance procedures were followed again helping limit exposure for potential lawsuits.

Many IEQ issues can be prevented by educating the appropriate people about the factors that create problems and what to do in the event problems arise.

The IEQ Awareness training module is a separate module that can be incorporated into the Environmental Management Plan to assist with the development of training, and pre-established procedures and is a powerful preventative tool for companies and building owners.

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