Emergency Response Services, Dallas TX

Emergency Response Services

The Emergency Response Services Program was developed to provide immediate response for environmental testing and inspection services in an event such as water loss, flood or water damage or other environmental disaster.

Emergency situations are time critical and need to be dealt with immediately as they can affect not only the building but also the health of the occupants. AirMD understands that quick response times are a critical factor for losses of any size.

We offer our clients an independent, third-party assessment without a hidden agenda. Our goal is to present a clear picture of the situation, identify existing and potential hazards and provide a written protocol to remediate the problem. AirMD personnel are experienced in working with insurance companies and whether you are the insured or the insurer we can assist you in this process.

AirMD consultants will guide you through the process of determining the extent of the problem and the best course of action.

By participating in this pre-planned program, you will receive priority response over other callers. Our Emergency Response Program is only available to our Environmental Management System customers.

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